The organizing committee for the first Concert Series season in 1989-1990 included Walter and Dianne Jahns and Doug and Pat Halberg. Over the years committee members have been: Karen Clark Marlow, Terry and Tammy Knutson, Carl and Diane Jahns, Ron and Dianne Felzien, Fraser and Judi Beebe, Ryan and Carol Hunting, Jope and Karen Langejans, Nathan Lunty, Terry and Juvena Wiseman, Gary Disterheft and Dan and Jody Pettigrew. For the last few years Kirsten Knievel has been a student helper assisting on the day of the concert.

The Forestburg Concert Series, operated by a sub-committee of the Forestburg Community Centre Association, provides quality entertainment, encompassing a variety of genres. By utilizing the Community Centre for the series, the aim is to enrich the quality of life for the members of the community while fostering the arts in rural Alberta. The Alberta Foundation for the Arts provides grants to assist in funding the concerts and has enabled ticket prices to remain nominal for nearly 30 years.

Corporations, various area business’s and community members have sponsored, in part, every concert presented since the second season. The Series offers 5 concerts per season with acts from across the country.

Darrell Ball and more recently, Tom Lichak, have provided excellent sound reinforcement for the concerts and the theatre lighting is operated by Gary Disterheft and Carl Jahns.

Long-time supporters of nearly every show of the Concert Series are the Forestburg Motor Inn for providing complementary accommodation for each concert and C.J.’s Deli and Catering for donating a deli tray for the performers at intermission. Country Lane Greenhouses (Herman and Roseann Freadrich), since the mid-1990s, have supplied roses for a door-prize draw which have been arranged by Forestburg Flowers operated by Marj Lunty and later by Lonnie Fossen. More recently, The Forestburg Flower Shop owner, Juvena Wiseman, has donated and arranged the bouquets.

For many years, the intermission draws have also included the DaysArts Concert tickets and CDs donated by the artist of the evening.

The performers are provided with a supper cooked by the committee members. This practice, which is a rare treat, according to performers, began in 1994. Coffee has been provided at intermission, at first by the committee members and later by the Forestburg High School Travel Club which offers coffee and baking as a fund raiser.

Talent is chosen from several sources. In the fall, some of the committee members attend the Alberta Showcase Annual Performing Arts Marketing Conference to view many talent offerings over a three-day period. In addition, members have recommended performers they have seen or those that have received good reviews. After several months of checking artist and venue availability, price negotiation, booking the accommodation and insuring the technical rider is agreed upon, the posters, brochures, tickets, advertising and programs are printed and distributed.

Out of the 134 concerts presented at this writing there has only been 1 that was rescheduled, 1 one that was cancelled due to the artist being injured in an accident, one that was presented by candlelight due to an electrical storm power failure (The Cosmopolitan Music Society) and one that sold out, filling the Community Centre to its legal limit (The Corb Lund Band).

Audio Equipment

A standard package of audio equipment supplied for The Forestburg Concert Series by Tom Lichak.  If you have any questions please contact Tom at Lichak Technical Services Ltd. at 780-781-5965.